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Are you a business owner and are looking to advertise your products or services to other members? We now have a business directory dedicated to entrepreneurs. Simply upload information about your company, a logo, and include a promotional member discount specifically for fellow members and we will list your business at no cost. Select businesses in the WorldBiz directory, will be featured in our corporate newsletter that reaches our members every 3 months.


Something to sell? Searching for a cool summer rental? Have a job opportunity and seeking qualified candidates? Our Marketplace, conveniently located on your Dashboard, is the perfect forum to exchange goods and services with other members. Select items for sale, may be featured in our corporate newsletter.


Do you have an event you are hosting? Would you like to share an event you have registered for with other members? Post your event or events of interest in our Announcements and Events Section on your Dashboard. Select events of interest will be showcased in our corporate newsletter.

Worldwide Branding is looking for members to transition into Chapter Leaders to begin hosting networking events every quarter in major cities around the globe starting in 2014. We look forward to rolling out 1 new chapter every 6 months, but will start on the continental United States first. Please contact us if you are an existing member, have experience in event management or promotions and are interested in serving as a Chapter President in the following US cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York

Send your resume along with a cover letter that includes a statement as to the qualities that you possess that make you a good Chapter President to