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Worldwide Branding who serves as a bridge between who you are and who you need to know. We help to maximize your current business relationships while discovering new ones to further your sphere of influence. As a new client of Worldwide Branding you will have access to thousands of professionals from a wide range of industries- each with a unique set of talents, skills and interests.

Once you receive your welcome materials by email, you will be granted password protected access to an exclusive group of professions from around the word. There are several functions in the online registry that enhance your networking abilities, including:

  • My Community Profile- This profile is entirely updated and maintained by the member. Members have the ability to add, edit, and update their content 24 hrs a day. This profile will be searchable through our keyword and advanced search engines.
  • My Published Profile- This biographical profile will be edited and revised by our seasoned editorial staff based on our internal style guide and AP style specifications. Changes to this profile may result in a 48 hr editorial review. This profile is primarily used for publishing in our print publications.
  • My Highlights-A customizable landing page that allows you to call attention to important aspects of your career, work history, social groups, personality and family.
  • My Business Matches- Provides members with recommended business contacts based on industry. Even before you conduct a single search, we have located members that may be of interest to you.
  • My Community Search- Enables members to conduct extensive searches for other members in the Worldwide Community.
  • My WorldBiz- Members can showcase their businesses in our business directory and offer promotional discounts to fellow Worldwide members by providing them with unique offer codes.
  • My Networks- Simple categorization feature so members can easily group their member contacts.
  • My Mailbox- Online messaging center to quickly and easily correspond with members.
  • My Recommendations- Gives other members the opportunity to leave positive peer reviews on your Community Profile

In addition to a host of other online resources, our Editorial staff will write your press release announcing your affiliation with Worldwide Branding. Members are encouraged to send the press release to their local newspapers or share the information with their friends, colleagues and family members.

Once you become a member, you will be assigned a dedicated Branding Specialist. Your Specialist will review your information and work alongside you to help define your image, promote your business or services and achieve your professional and personal goals. Your specialist is also responsible for checking in with the member on a periodic basis to request updates to their biographical information and present new opportunities for career advancement or business expansion as they arise.

Already enrolled as a Worldwide member? To receive additional information about any of the benefits described, please contact us via email at