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Our Worldwide Video Program is a powerful tool for increasing online visibility and sharing information with colleagues, clients, family and friends. Utilizing an innovative approach, we are able to highlight members ' specialized skills and areas of expertise in an attention-grabbing format that can be widely distributed on the Web.

Member videos are presented in one of three ways: with a live actress, professional voiceover, or engaging text. The most desirable portion of the video program is that we do all the work for you! Our professional writers, editors, videographers and narrators take care of the entire video production process. Upon its completion, our marketing team conducts a comprehensive multimedia blast to the major search engines, including Google, to distribute member videos online. Videos are also featured on the Worldwide video channel on YouTube. Finally, our staff writers compose a detailed and timely press release to complement your video online. This professional presentation is engaging and fresh, and a completely new and modern branding tool for seasoned and newer members alike.

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