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Worldwide Branding and That's Great News Partnership

Worldwide Branding and That’s Great News partnered in 2018.

That’s Great News, located in Wallingford, CT., specializes in designing and manufacturing customized plaques for individuals and companies that have been featured in news articles. Additionally, their graphic design team creates one-of-a-kind, customized awards for individuals who receive notable recognition in their field. That’s Great News is committed to providing their clients with elegant, high quality plaques that showcase their momentous achievements.

Together with Worldwide Branding, the companies endeavor to celebrate the accomplishments of professionals as well as elevate their online visibility and credibility through personal branding products and services. For over 20 years, Worldwide Branding has been the leading company in the personal branding field, in the United States and abroad. Worldwide Branding is dedicated to empowering their clients with effective branding tools to achieve personal and professional success. Since their inception, Worldwide Branding and That’s Great News have committed themselves to helping professionals reach their career goals and have now partnered to highlight individuals’ achievements through personalized online branding and marketing tools.